Saturday, May 14, 2011

Books and Binders and Recipes, oh my!

I have cookbooks coming out of my ears.  I honestly have more than any other person I know.  Ever since I discovered the fabulous website Eat Your Books actually using them has gotten a lot easier.  This is a website where you can create a virtual "bookshelf" of all the cookbooks you own and then you can perform searches to find recipes within your own books. So for example, if I have some corn, roasted red peppers, and cheese on hand I can type these ingredients into the search box and find all the recipes in my own books that use these ingredients. I LOVE it.  

I also have a large collection of clipped recipes from magazines and printed recipes from websites that I have organized into binders (finally).  And also a magazine holder that is collapsing under the weight of all the "special issue" magazines I've picked up that I want to keep intact and not rip apart. 

All this said, I clearly have a lot to work with.  The idea of this blog is to chronicle my cooking adventures as I work my way through my vast collection of recipes.  I won't be posting the actual recipes since that would violate copyright.  However, if a recipe can also be found online, I will share the link. (For example, a recipe from The Bon Appetit Cookbook might also be found on  If that is the case, I will post the link to that recipe). If not, I will simply give my review of the recipe, any thoughts I have on that particular cookbook, and whether or not I recommend it. 

I'm ready to dust off my bookshelves, crack open those gorgeous volumes of culinary temptations and get in the kitchen.  Here's to home cooking!

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