Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Special Request - Peanut Sauce

While discussing with Christy the amazing variety of products one can buy at Trader Joe's, she mentioned peanut sauce.  And true to form, I interjected: "I have a recipe for that!" So here it is from Cooking Light Magazine.  I've never made the full recipe, just the peanut sauce.  The only thing I do differently is to use regular peanut butter, because I don't buy reduced-fat peanut butter.  In a pinch, any hot sauce will work in place of the Sriracha.  I most often make this sauce to toss with whole-wheat spaghetti, sauteed onions, and veggie slaw (also from Trader Joe's) for a yummy peanut noodle dish.  You could also add chicken, but I'm usually too lazy for that.  Enjoy!


  1. So I had to post to say that I tried this recipe last night. My roommate and I loved it! Very yummy recipe!!

  2. I made this recipe again and added a new twist... add edamame to the noodles. I needed something extra with the noodles and had a bunch of edamame from trader joe's. So I just started popping them out of the shells and voila- a new yummy twist!

  3. That does sound good...I may need to try that myself next time!