Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chewy Lemon Snowdrop Cookies (minus the snow)

I found my most recent baking inspiration on one of my new favorite blogs, Sophistimom.  I'm a particular fan of the "Well Fed" portion of this blog.  I definitely recommend checking it out sometime.  Jamie's recipes sound scrumptious and her photography is positively drool-worthy.

Now, on to the recipe at hand:  Chewy Lemon Snowdrop Cookies.  I followed Jamie's recipe almost exactly, making only one significant change by skipping the powdered sugar coating.  It just so happens that I am married to a lemon addict who doesn't like extraneous toppings/icings/frostings/coatings/etc. to stand between him and his lemon fix.  Turns out plain Chewy Lemon Cookies are yummy indeed.  They had a bright lemony flavor and a perfectly chewy texture as I ate them warm from the oven.  Even better, they maintained that perfect chewy texture the following day.  I'm thinking I might need to play around with this recipe and use it as a base for chewy chocolate chip cookies.  The oh-so-elusive "perfect" chocolate chip cookie would have precisely this texture. I'll have to see and let you know!

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