Friday, January 27, 2012

Cleaning House - Cherry-almond bars

Another visit to Poughkeepsie means another new dessert! In anticipation of this weekend I decided to make Cherry-almond bars from The Bon Appetit Cookbook. I specifically chose this recipe (with the help of Eat Your Books) because 1. I didn't want to go to the store and 2. I wanted to use up some more pantry items from my overflowing stash. With this recipe, I used up some delicious cherry jam (courtesy of Grandpa Murphy) and almonds which were on the brink of expiration - I saved them just in time. 

A couple of notes on this recipe. First of all, the initial baking time of 45 minutes is WAY too long. I talked myself into thinking this was a reasonable cooking time due to the thickness of the cookie dough, but my first instinct was right. I pulled these out a few minutes early and they were already quite dark. When I tasted them, the flavor was very good, but the edges were definitely overdone. Lucky for me, I'm bringing these to relatives who like things on the more "done" side.  Second, I
 think next time I might try making these into a crumble cookie. The recipe as written is more of a bar cookie with a jam topping. Even though I already have a great basic crumble bar recipe, the combination of cherry with almond is really, really yummy. The raw almond dough was even good on it's own, just saying.

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