Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cherry Linzer Bars

This past weekend, Nick was heading down to the city with his Dad, Uncle, and some family friends to meet my Dad and Brother for a St. John's basketball game at The Garden.  Since the boys were otherwise occupied, I thought it would be a good weekend to head down to Poughkeepsie to see my Mom, Grandma, & Aunts. As always, I traveled with sweets! I still had an open jar of homemade cherry jam from my previous visit a few weeks ago and although they were delicious, I didn't want to make the same cookies as last time

So, I dug out a recipe for 
Cherry Linzer Bars I tore out of a Good Housekeeping magazine a couple of months ago. My Aunt Susie saw it first and thought it sounded delicious, but was really hoping someone else would make it (imagine that?!). Baking is one area that I can always help out in, so I whipped up a batch of these delicious cookies to bring with me. And boy were they good. The cookie crust is flavored with cinnamon, lemon zest, and pecans (which I used instead of hazelnuts and highly recommend) and the filling is a simple combination of cherry jam and dried tart cherries, YUM! Other than switching the nuts, I followed the recipe to a T. They were a bit less fussy than traditional Linzer cookies which I also enjoy, but those are my Dad's specialty. Nevertheless, I do think this recipe has earned a spot in my "tried & true" folder, right next to Dad's Linzers of course.  

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