Sunday, February 26, 2012

Peanut Butter & Pretzel Truffles

This recipe from Eating Well magazine was my first attempt at a "healthy" truffle. When I say healthy, I don't mean "light" or "low-calorie" or filled with artificial "stuff." I mean it's made with ingredients that are actually good for you. In my opinion, natural  peanut butter sure fits that bill since it's packed with good-for-you fats and protein (not to mention rich, fabulous flavor). The peanut butter is definitely the predominant ingredient in these little babies. Mix in a little bit of crushed pretzels and dip in some semi-sweet or dark chocolate (which has it's own health benefits, in moderation, of course) and you have a dessert you can really feel good about. YUM.

You can find the recipe here. The original calls for milk chocolate and if that's what you like, be my guest. But believe me when I tell you a darker chocolate in this recipe is truly divine.

One TIP: I find it very difficult to roll truffles in such a small about of chocolate. So, I melted quite a bit more and then used the leftovers to make some Chocolate, Fruit, & Nut Clusters (another dessert you can feel pretty darn good about). This way, I had plenty for rolling and nothing went to waste. Enjoy!

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